The Change Manager's Handbook

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The Change Manager's Handbook

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The Change Manager's Handbook is a practical book for Change Managers. In modern project management we see a gradual change from Project Managers to Change Managers and Product Owners. The Change Manager's Handbook is an excellent handbook for Change and Agile driven projects.

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Where to find? ... -handbook/

Information about the book

The Change Manager’s Handbook was written by Harley Lovegrove.

The Change Manager’s Handbook is an easy to read kaleidoscope of a book. Full of practical tips and tricks, it is complimented with a downloadable ‘Toolbox’ of more than forty project ready templates, tools and cartoons that every Change Manager will find useful to bring about sustainable change in their organisation. A ‘Student’ (non professional use) license of the Toolbox can be downloaded for free from, once you have received your book.

‘OR’ (‘Organisational Readiness’) is a beautifully simple way of focusing a change project around a single set of criteria that not only guides the Business in the right direction but also indicates precisely when everything is in place to implement the change.

Harley’s ‘OR’ methodology has saved businesses around the world hundreds of thousands of euros in wasteful inefficiencies and external audit fees. Its utter simplicity is baffling at first, but once you start using it, you’ll change forever the way you assess when you are ready for ‘Go-Live’.
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